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There are a lot of hot new rod protection items on the market right now, and with so many choices it can be nearly as confusing as shopping for a new car. Lucky for you I've done a little research and I can narrow the field with what I have personally found to be the best product, the shortest order processing and shipping time, with by FAR the best customer service: The Rod Glove by VRX Fishing. With a team that is friendly, fast, and accurate, you can depend on them to get your products to you fast and without mistakes, at prices that won't leave you feeling stranded on the water.

That does NOT mean that they are short on selection. The Rod Glove offers over 20 standard colors as well as the ability to make custom products to your liking. What I also find appealing is that while they come in different sizes, the sizes are general, and don't tie you down like other manufacturers do. Meaning I can buy the Shorty (5'6-6'6), Standard (6'6-7'6), or XL (7'6-+) Sizes, and easily use them to fit a multitude of sizes.

For guys who demand a little bit more protection there's the Pro Series Rod Glove which is made of high quality neoprene and offers the highest level of rod protection available in its class. With a slightly sturdier shell, the Pro Series will give that added support and protection that you need in inclement weather.

While you’re at it don't forget to wrap-up your reels with The Reel Glove! With 2 available sizes, small and large (Small - fits new style, small frame, LP baitcasting reels. i.e. Curado E200, E50, Lews, Quantum Smoke and EXO etc. and Large - fits older style, large-frame, LP baitcasting reels i.e. Shimano CU-200) the Reel Glove protects your expensive reels. Durable, Easy to put on, quality made from 4-way stretch neoprene with all edges finished for long life. It fastens to your rod and will not kink your fluorocarbon line.

And don't let yourself get confused any longer with which rod is which. With the technique tags you'll have no doubt in your mind where your shaky head rod is when you need it fast!

Used my more Pros than any other brand and made in North America (Buffalo), I really cannot stress to you how great a product this really is! VRX Fishing has a great line of products and you don't want to miss out on them! Visit their website at to check out all of their great fishing products. I personally guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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