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Fished Lake Bonaparte July 13, 2013.

It always amazes me how much boat traffic is on this tiny lake. It was really packed. Jet skis, pontoons and pleasure boats around ever turn and every shoreline zipping around.

Fishing was really tough. Toughest bite I have seen at Bonaparte in all the time I have fished it. 18 anglers and only 5 of them were able to bring in a 5 fish limit. Lunker usually goes in the 5 lb range but no one could get a big one to bite today. Lunker went to Doug Kirkbride with a 3.54 lb largemouth.

1 James Moore 13.37
2 Andrew Simser 8.47
3 Brad Paradis 8.16
4 Corey Palmer 8.15
5 Eric Gibbs 7.27
6 Francis Lecuyer 5.3
7 Doug Kirkbride 5.24
8 John Narrow 4.64
9 Ricky Tharrett 4.4
10 Jesse Spellicy 4.22
11 Ed Moore 3.5
12 Craig Lucas 2.98
13 Scott Hazen 2.48
14 Guy Durant 2.38
15 Roger Hazen 2.08
16 Fred Morrill 0.78
17 Chris Gamble 0
18 Chad Sharpe 0

My day of struggling to catch fish:

I started the day off heading to the first main island and working the outside weed edge in deeper water. I pulled up threw a top water zara spook over the shallow weedy area adjacent to deep water. There was something busting at the top all over the weedbed but whatever it did not want my spook. I later found out it was bluegill chasing little minnows.

I backed off to dropoff of the weed edge and began to dropshot. The bluegill were destroying my bait down at 15 ft but soon after I felt a solid load up on the rod and it was a nice 3.29 lb largemouth. I felt good. A 3lber on Bonaparte to start the day is the beginning to a good bag. Plus I figured there must be more on this outside edge. I continued to work the edge up an down for about another 1 hr with nothing but panfish nipping away. Discouraged I moved back in to the shallow area and headed towards the island point throwing a zoom super fluke. A small dink largemouth hit. Measured 11 3/4 inches. Back he goes.

At this point in time I decide to leave. I run over to the nearby offshore rocks that are buoyed off. I work around the rocks with a white senko. I caught a smallmouth. Too small again. A few casts later a bigger smallmouth. Fish number 2 into the livewell.

I had made a plan in my head while floating in the morning for the order of where I go from spot to spot but at this point in time I can see my planned 3rd and 4th spots from where I am and there are boats on both of them. Instead of bothering them I ran to a cove at the other side of the lake where I have done well in the on some docks and weeds. I pull up and there are 15 people on one of those big floating rafts partying. 9 am!?!?! My kind of party. Why wasn't I invited? I worked around the entire area but nothing. They were loud and jet skis were in full blast already up and down the weed edge.

At this point in time I just started darting around and basically hitting anything that I have marked that boats weren't on since there was us and another group of guys fishing from small aluminum boats that put in before us. (another club?) It was 12:30 and I had 2 fish in the livewell.

A few hours later I still have nothing else. I have what seems to be like a thousand poles on the front deck from trying everything. Beginning to get a bit worried I figure maybe I run over to a tree I always catch fish on but they are always small...keeper like fish. The boat traffic was intense at this point and no matter were you were in the main lake area someone was buzzing past you.

I get to the one is on it. I cruise over to it and start throwing a senko. A guy from the shore starts talking to me about my boat. A minute later I see a tick in the line on the fall ...set the hook. A nice 2 lber. Keeper #3 Then another #4

Then another one ....decent fish closer to 3 lbs jumps twice and I lose him right next to the boat. The guy talking to me about my boat who was watching me still lost one. Yes.....Thanks for the update I think to myself. Not happy. Figured that was my chance for a limit. Only 40 minutes left.

Ran over to a shoal near the east shore road and started to downsize to try to find a 5th keeper. At this point I figure everyone must be having a tough time and a 5th fish might be crucial. I ended up catching a few little guys in which I continued to cull over one another by 1 ounce until my time was up. Back to the launch I go with a little over 8 lbs. Tough day....but better than sitting around the house for the day.

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Just got lucky. I am sure he will get me next one.

Hope you do make one Burnie!

See you soon.

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The boat traffic was unreal once the afternoon hit. I ended up staying over by the Marina for much of the afternoon and surprisingly it was not too bad over there. A few kid on a jetski playing around for hours and a few pontoon boats passing through slowly but that was about it. Very busy recreational lake but everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.
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