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Hopefully this doesn't violate any rules (if it does please let me know and I'll pull it immediately). I know last year Noel posted something about this, I looked around and didn't see anything about it for this year. I'm not doing it to sell tickets for myself as I really don't care where you buy a ticket.

The New York State BASS Chapter Federation is having its second annual bass boat raffle on January 17th. Last years winners: Frank and Melody Tennity can be seen on

The 2004 Grand Prize is $20,000 or your choice of either a

Triton TR-186 DC w/ Mercury 175 EFI
Skeeter ZX-190 w/ Yamaha 175 V-MAX
both packages include trolling motor and fishing electronics

2nd Prize is $2,500

and there are 25 cash prizes of $100.

Maximum tickets sold is 500. The raffle ticket says minimum sold must be 400, but I don't believe they sold but 350-375 last year and still had the raffle (MAKES THE ODDS THAT MUCH BETTER). However, in the event that they don't sell enough tickets all money would be returned.

Tickets are $100 each (entitles person on ticket free entry to the NYSBCF awards banquet/dinner/auction. The auction in the past has been fantastic: guided hunting/fishing trips, hunting/fishing sporting goods, tickets to professional hockey/basketball games, art work, coach leather products, etc... Banquet will be in the Syracuse area (site is still being finalized).

If you can, please purchase a ticket (or go in on one with somebody). If you'd like to buy a ticket from me, please send a check payable to the NYSBCF.
Send to Mike Cusano - NYSBCF RAFFLE
9488 Horseshoe Island Road
Clay, NY 13041
**Make sure to include your name, address, and phone (with area code).

If you have additional questions you can call me at (315) 695-4969.

Like I said before I'm not doing this to have you buy from me. By all means feel free to purchase from Noel Good, Wayne Tomassi, or any other NYSBCF member. Just please help out if you can. The NYSBCF is a great organization!!

Besides I don't know too many places you can find these kind of odds to win such nice prizes.

Mike Cusano

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Cus: is only too glad to help out the NYBass federation in this manner......Wayne is a hardworking guy for all bass fishermen in this state.......

continue posting this!!!!

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John: Thanks for the support

I'm sure Wayne greatly appreciates your support!

Meg: I hate to tell you this, but Melody (and Frank) won my wife's boat, so I'm not sure where you were under the misconception that it was your boat :p .

As soon as the banquet site is final I'll make sure to throw it out on this thread. Banquet tickets are approx. $30 so for another $70 you have a real nice chance at a couple of large prizes!!

Please help out!! Heck if you buy a ticket, I'll even buy you a beer at the banquet (usually its free, but I'll go get it for you!!).


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Banquet Site

LeMoyne Manor
Inn and Banquet Center
629 Old Liverpool Road,
Liverpool, NY.
Telephone Number 315-457-3000

Banquet starts at 6:00pm on January 17th.

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I know $100 is a lot

Please pass the raffle information on to others in your family or at work. 5 people kick in $20 and they have a 1/350 to 1/500 shot at $4,000. Again, I'm very certain it is going to be on the low side.

Odds won't get any better!!

Take a chance please....
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