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New Google Ad Banner and the Switch to the New Server

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You all may have noticed a new ad banner on the bottom of the forums. This is targeted advertising that will help support the site. It will be mostly fishing-related and public service ads with NYBASS making a small commission every time a non-PSA link is clicked. I don't expect it to generate too much revenue, but it may help raise some money for giveaways at the get-togethers. We'll see how it works out.

Also, I've been contacted by a couple potential new sponsors, so it looks like we'll have plenty of support out there. If any money is made beyond our operating costs, John and I plan on using that for giveaways and/or special events. We are not looking to make money from this site. Our ad rates have been cut in half and for just 10 bucks a month you can help support this great site and make some extra coin for yourself from the exposure!

The new server switch is most likely happening this week, so there may be a brief outage or wierdness. Let's hope it goes smoothly with no data loss. We'll also be working on a redesign of the site to accomodate smaller ad banners and just freshen the place up.

All in all, we're looking good heading into 2004!
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