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Need some Horror flicks

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...Post some ideas on what to rent. I need something to make you jump. Not just blood and gut's...Need to scare the wife;) or old dosen't matter...Thank's
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Check out the Ring or Dream Catcher.
Check out the movie THEY. I actually enjoyed watching this movie. I feel most horror movies out today are overdone and boring, but this one seems different. Its more suspenceful then bloody, and it WILL make you jump.

The Ring is another good one like Earthy said. Especially if you have your freind prank call the house after you are done watching it. That should make your wife jump.

Lunker Dave
28 Days Later

check it out...creepy and scary......
How about......

1. When A Stranger Calls
2. The Thing (new or old...Classic Horror!)
3. Silent Partner
4. Alien
5. Night Stalker
Get "Social Security and your Retirement." That will scare the hell out of both of you.:D
How about Night of the Living Dead or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
How about...

Last year's Mets highlight film...LOL...Sorry NO LUCK...couldn't help myself..just joking...
How about "Terror Train" or The first Fridayof the 13th Movies.
Joe, I just saw 28, good creepy flick
I just love a good horror flick, and some personal favs are:


The Shining (Heeere's Johnny!)

The Amityville Horror

Halloween (the all-time holiday classic!)

If you want HER to be scared....there's a great old movie from 1982 called The Entity with Barbara Hershey - it is very disturbing, especially for women because of the subject matter.

When I was 8 years uncle made me watch one that traumatized me for years....THE BLOB (silly as it seems!)

Blair Witch is also a good choice!

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I used to be a horror film collector. The Italians, hands down made some of the best horror films out there. If you can find anything by Dario Argento you'll be in for a treat. Beyond was one of his better works. The old British Hammer films are always classics. Can't forget Lucio Fulci either. He made some classic horror films. Another good Argento film is Terror at the Opera. Mario Bava is another good Italian horror film maker.
There's a film called Black Christmas that my girlfiend got really spooked by. It's based on a sorority house and a maniac stalker/killer. Maniac is a good one, but it's more gore than suspense. Seriously, try to find some Argento films,they're some of the best out there. A side note- If you saw the movie xxx with Vin Diesel(I didn't) Dario Argentos daughter Asia is the co-star in that movie. There's some really great horror films out there if you can take the time to find them.
Are you guys talking about the US version of the Ring or the Japanese version(which is the original).
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If you never..

seen Phantasim (SP?)...check it out. An old 70's horror flick with some cool effects..
this is a great post:

I have long been a big time horror/science fiction fan....

I have literally HUNDREDS of these movies in my house.....

now , some guys on here are talking the real deal...

Cod was dropping names like flies, heavy hitters in that part of the industry!

Bink surprised me with Terror Train, one of the very best of Jamie lee Curtis's group of I'm coming to get you flicks.......

if you want a real good scare, try Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.....

another great scary make you jump flick, despite its low budget acting, is The'll be afraid to put the lights out after that one.....

the best creepy film ever made is Carnival of Souls.......most women have a problem watching that one......

admittingly, I am more into Science Fiction these days than horror, but I have all the old flicks.....and most of the newer ones too! LOL.........

by the way George, spelling is PHANTASM.....the tall man, Angus Scrimm...definitely a nightmarish movie......
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BTW, Ray mentioned Alien. The movie is being shown again this week in select theatres. The Directors Cut version.

Im thinking of watching it....again.

28 days...I liked it, Craig....

Salems Lot
Carnival of Souls
Lord of Illusions
The Hills Have Eyes
The People Under the Stairs
The Serpent and the Rainbow
In the Mouth of Madness
They Live
Dawn of the Dead
Monkey Shines
Evil Dead
Evil Dead
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Funhouse
Body Bags
The Gates of Hell
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs
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Don't forget Resident Evil....good flick based on a video game. Creepy!
Serpent & the Raimbow
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Ninth Gate
The Keep
If you want a movie that will just haunt you for the rest of your life... try seeing Pee Wees Big Adventure. Seeing a grown man run around in make-up is enough to give anyone nightmares.

Lunker Dave
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