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I was dozing off last night during the Jets game on ESPN but I could have sworn I heard a drunk sounding Joe Namath tell Suzi Kolber of ESPN that he wanted to kiss her.

Was I experiencing some warped dream or did Joe Willie really embarrass himself on National TV?

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Didn`t see it , but I already heard the same thing from someone else. Said he was blasted and made that comment twice!!


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Joe looked about as pathetic as Chad yesterday.
It was pretty obvious he was lit. He was just talking too slow and the hand gestures...
It was pretty sad to see.


:beerchug: :beerchug:

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What's the problem??

Its a cold night and for medicinal purposes Broadway Joe had a few. Besides his beloved Jets were stinking up the field and the only way to watch the game is blurry eyed.

Now, here you are feeling a good buzz and BAM there she is Suzi..... You are Joe Willy!!! This is gonna be easy.

Besides on the side lines what choices do you have??? Jets cheerleaders ( need a few more drinks) or Suzi... hmmm nice.

He did what any red blooded mac daddy would do.... and went for it. :beerchug: :beerchug:
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