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My local lake and turnover

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Well Saturday it was 54F on the surface. So by today after the recent overnigt temps in the low 20's and this massive wind I would bet that its turning now. I have been hearing since late August about turnover from my clubmembers. Of course anytime they don't catch fish and see a little pine pollen in the top 6"-1' of water and they scream "turnover."
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I think your assessment is an accurate one. Did you get out to take more thorough temp readings?
I'll be up there Sunday and I bet the water is down to 44 or 45.
It is kind of funny to recount all that turnover chatter we started hearing in late August. Guys need to realize that only a few days of off weather isn't enough to mix it up. now is definately the time. The cold is becoming more consistent. Speaking generally, mid to late Oct. is prime time for turnover.

Do LI's shallow waters turn over? a sense they do. I don't feel the changes are as drastic in most cases though. You can pattern the fish by their needs...forage and green weeds at this time and still catch them.
let this wind die down...and I bet Forge will give up a couple of brutes this coming 2 weeks....

A couple more times with the boat till december........then winterize.....
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