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Got out tonight from 6-845 on some local water just over the border in MA.
The surface temps were between 75-79. Wind was blowing firm from the west and south when I arrived and laid down around 8.
After finding fish off rock drops exiting spawning flats at Otis I repeated that pattern, but tonight I mixed in throwing DS and a heavy BPS Enitcer Spinnerbait with a Yama white grub trailer. I've had some great nights on this lake with a spinner in July...
So, the fish were willing to commit to the spinner, but the big girls were more interests in gorging themselves on Craws then chase bait. The spinner produced five fish all around a pound. After pitching the spinner for 45 min I switched to the weighted Ika and found some quality fish off of a rock weed edge in 12-15FOW.
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Water Cloud Fisherman Sky Lake

The two above came in a flurry of six fish all over two and half pounds. What awesome action!
After that died down I switched to the DS on a rock pile in 15FOW. Got a couple of pound and halfers to commit to the Roboworm.
All in all great outing. Love the variety of presentations that July can bring.
Hoping the spinnerbait / swimbaits bite gets better as the month progresses.
Thanks for looking
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