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Mudge Pond 10-26

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Hit Mudge Pond in Sharon,CT Sat at 7 AM
Cold!! Water was 47 t0 50, but air was below freezing as my guides kept iceing up. Heavy mist till about 9. Dead calm till about 10 AM when it was like someone flipped a switch and the wind started blowing hard. Other than a few nice pictures, all I caught was one dink smallie on a spinner in 8 ft off a lilly pad weed edge. After reading the Maho tourny post, I might have done better consintrating on the deep pool , rather than the shallow bite. Will have to learn the blade techniques that have been discussed recently. Could be my last time out, as college visits with my daughter have the next few weekends tied up.


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I never fished Mudge Pond but remember reading an article a few years back (I don't recall which magazine) but it mentioned Mudge Pond as a quality small mouth lake.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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