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More HS football....

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Hot off the press....Don Bosco Prep. moves up to #2 in the nation in todays USA Today. :beerchug: This is the highest ranked team in the tri-state area ever!! Ironhead Heyword's Passic team in 85' was ranked 3 in the nation.
If your into HS football you should check out this team. A once-in-a-lifetime team. This team has 4 Div.1 seniors and about 6 Div. 1 prospects that are juniors.
They have a bye this week and should end up playing St. Peters Prep. at home on 11-22 at 1:00 in Ramsey N.J.. Then to the state championship at the Meadowlands on 12-6. I can't tell you how proud I am of these kids. The amount of practice and dedication these kids have is inspiring. They deserve all the notority they can get....GO IRONMEN!!!!!!
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Let me know your plans on attending...
I may try and sneak in a game with you..;) :beerchug:
You got it pal....I guess you can tell I'm a little bit to you soon...
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