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More Croton Fall Action

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Steve (res dog) and I hit the Croton again. We had similar results to John and Gregg on Wampus, with 6 bass each, including a smallie each. All fish were between 2-3.5 lbs except Steve's smallie, which went 4+.

We found the pattern sporadic, with my fish coming on Senkos, tubes, jig-n-pig, and the hard jerkbait. Steve's came on t-rigs, jig-n-pig, spinnerbait, ad the crankbait.

The fishing was slower than it was last week, but the fish were still available and accessible.

What was interesing pattern wise eas the decent jerkbait bite off a submerged hump. There was enough water above the weeds to work the husky jerk most of the time. The bite was sublte, and both my fish came on the rear trble only. Not a great confident bite, but it was a pattern of sorts.

Also notable was the fact that we contacted 3 smallies. Two were caught and one lost at the boat. Steve cranked one up off a point early, then I got one on a deep tube off a rocky shoreline in 20+ feet. Finally, Steve got one tight to a rocky shoreline on a jig-n-pig. She was a pig, and fought like a demon!

The bite was best arly in the day, as we both limited by 9:30am...then picked up to other fish the rest of the day. We got off the water at 2:30pm. Water temps 56-57º.


A rare Croton Smallie appearance! Fish hit a tube in 20-25 feet off a rocky shoreline.

A 4+ pound smallie that hit a jig-n-pig up shallow off a rock wall at the base of a bridge.
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love these posts by you guys! I would love to hit those spots from a boat someday.....have done them via shore, but it is very treacherous and very steep......

looks a little cleared where you are...we were really enmeshed in deep fog.......

hey! we are hanging in there, right guys???!!!!!

Nice fish Mark. love those SMB. Croton Res has always been my favorite. You have a whole month to go and I'm sure you'll get some even bigger ones by the end of the season.
John, we can hit some of these spots from my boat sometime. It may be too late this season, but we can certainly fit it in if you have time. If not, we'll do it next year. We did have some breaks in the fog, as you can see from my picture, but it was downright foggy at other times, as Steve's picture shows.

As for the fishing...ytes we are all hanging in! While there is a lack of a 'fall frenzy' reported by many folks, this warm water (for November anyway) is a blessing. The fishing is still good if you know the right lakes/spots. It should be especially good for smaliies with water temps in the mid to upper 50's. This was the first time we contacted them shallow (2-25 feet), which was a welcome sign.

Yeah...what Hugefish said!

Way to go....those smallies are sweeeeet !!!

That section of Croton is absolutely #1 for smallies.

beautifull fish guys!!!i have to get out with you guys there next year.:beerchug:
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