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Monksville - 10/31

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Checked out Monksville for the first time today...mesmerized by the volume of timber in the north end...and in such deep water.

Went all the way back into the sunken forest where the two feeder creeks meet. Looked like it should have held some fish. Someone mentioned that they stock these creeks with rainbows. The muskies supposedly wait just outside the current and pick'em off. The currents were fairly strong, but seemed to cancel each other out, allowing for ideal casting position. Tried jig-n-pigs, spinnerbaits, and t-rigged worms here and in all areas of the standing timber. Nothing.

Clouds rolled in and the wind picked up. I switched to a buzzer and began pounding the shore. It wasn't long before a muskie that probably went 10+lbs blew up several inches from my bait. Minutes later, a bass of around 1lb. took the bait. So Skunksville didn't entirely live up to its name...pretty close though.

Spoke with a few others out on the lake. One fellow nailed a pair of big muskie on the south end. He was trolling with heavy gear when I spoke with him. Another landed two small bass.

Great looking lake and I hope to be back out there soon.


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A little musky excitement on your first trip to the "skunk". Hope you do well on Rockland today!
the MONK is a crititical timing lake......most of the time, the Timing goes against you! LOL.......

Huge and Andrew got there in a fortuitous time and tilled the mill this year.....
Oh for yesteryear

Before the dam, when blackberries were plentiful and there were loads of bass in all of the ponds. Good old Stonetown. It used to be a great little fishing area.
Monksville can be tough

But it is loaded with quality LM and SM bass, walleye, and musky. I prefer to just flip the wood and I can usually nail a few nice bass. Despite the wind that whips through there I have found it to not be a great place to throw a spinnerbait. Did you fish the wood in the back on the way to the dam? There's some good looking flippinf spots there. In the summer you have to work the weed lines too. It was really thick there this year. But I used to call it Skunksville too.....but once you get confident with a few techniques/spots'll call it Lunkersville!!! Enjoy..Mark
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