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What can I say! Another great turnout of the guy’s, gals and kids for our Monday Night* Three Fish @ Weigh-in Tx on Oneida! We had 22 boats with a couple of new faces and Jim is certainly pleased (whereas I just keep getting surprised). We had our first five team payout night.

First Place Honors this week went to
Jamie and John with 10.65 lbs. Another nice bag considering finding the big chunks on Oneida for most teams haven’t been that easy this season.

We had a second place tie with,

Craig and Mark & Kevin and Mike where both teams weighed in @ 9.20
Craig & Mark happen to be one of those new faces. A WTG “Congrats” to them again.

Fourth Place went to Rob and Andrew with 8.35
Fifth Place to Ian and Andy @ 8.30 who also were a new faces team.

The outstanding job honors went to the Father and Son Team of Cody and Ryan with two complementary packages of plastic baits supplied by M F Baits of Constantia.

*I would also like to give a “shout-out” to the guy who really should take credit for this Tx’s origin. Without his getting it together a few years back it probably might not be. He had to give it up for other commitments to his job etc. and that’s where he asked Jim Jr. to step in.

It was Bummer who agreed to having a Three Fish Weigh-in and then agreeing to keeping the Tx at one place at Oneida Shores. All of it apparently has worked out well in great part because of Bummer.

Thanks again “Bummer” for all of these folks that have continued to have a good fun time fishing together on Monday Night.
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