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Mike DelVisco's Sonar DVD!!!!

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Mike has informed me that his DVD on Sonar applications should be available for shipping very soon, possibly the week after Thanksgiving.......

Mike will come on here next week and give the details of how much and where to send, etc......

for the lucky guys who were at his seminar last year at our NYBass seminar, they can tell you how informative and practical his approach to reading and understanding Sonar is......

it will be a great Video for the many people who have been asking questions about Sonar lately...

for many, it will be an eye-opener.......
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Thanks John,

I will post when I have my inventory. This DVD has several parts, but the meat of it is - how sonar works including under water shots of structure and how we view this on the screen, structure fishing - taking the sonar part and going fishing and GPS. I am pretty excited about this project and am pleased with the way it turned out.

Any can email me in advance of my copies ariving at [email protected]


I actually saw a preview of this DVD with Mike last week. It was outstanding! For those of you who are looking for a great gift for the experienced angler or the novice, this is it. The graphics are beautiful too! I really got a chuckle out of seeing some of the background from Mahopac! What do you know - the old girl is now famous!

Way to go Mikey!!!!!!

Pat X
i'll take one


If you are keeping a list then I will take a copy. Let me/us know what you need to hold a copy.

Thanks for the kind words Pat. Wandy please email me if you see this, I am keeping tabs on those who would like one and have a log of emails. I will add yours to it and reply when I get my copies.

How do I get on the list? I would like one too.
Hey Bink and Wandy.

Send me an email at [email protected]

I will email you when they come in.

I truly enjoyed your presentation at NYBassU this past winter at Mt Kisco, and learned much from it.
Hey everyone,

I have an update on the DVD. I will have inventory by December 20th. Cost is $19.99 plus $3.85 shipping/handling.

As I said before this DVD has a sections on understanding sonar, structure fishing and GPS - plus some extras. I am starting a list, so if you have already emailed me great, if you want to be on the list please email me at [email protected] I want to be able to get these shipped promptly especially those wanting for Xmas.

Got my copy in the afternoon mail yesterday and just finished watching it. Good job Mike! This will definitly help in putting my equipment to much better use. Whether it puts more fish in the boat is my task. Thanks again, Gene
Thanks Gene,

Glad you liked it and will learn a little from the DVD. For anyone else interested I now have plenty of inventory. For ordering and more info check out my web site at

Mikey D
Got mine too

Thanks Mike...

I got mine too, just in time to break in my new DVD player...I cant wait to watch it...I know it will be great...Good luck in your success with this project...

Mark D
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