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Mets sign the big gun...

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Just joshing...but they did get Franco for another year...I know he won't do much but I really do like the guy...
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one million plus incentives...he is worth it....he didnt look bad last year......great guy, good clubhouse leader....

only problem with Johnny in a limited role is that he is NOT a left-handed batter specialist......similar to the way Mariano is better with left handed hitters, Franco is tough on righties.........
I'm a Mets fan & I like Franco. But answer 1 question. What has Franco done for the Mets in the 96 years they've been paying him?
Paul_M said:
424 lifetime saves, 243 for the Mets.
And.................... What exactly did that do for them? Don't try to tell me he was the reason they went to the series. Alot of those saves for the Mets where cheap.
Paul_M said:
424 lifetime saves, 243 for the Mets.
Actually 276 with Mets
win-loss 46-49 .484pct
216 IP- 27 saves- w/l 11-11
Forgive me for asking but what team did he get the rest of his saves with? This slipped by me but I though he played almost his whole career with NY.
The Reds. He was almost a nasty boy Myers,Dibble and Charlton.
I thought he was washed up before the TJ surgery. He reminds me of the guy that couldn't make the team so he becomes an equipment boy.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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