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Twas the night before Christmas, when out on the lake
All the Bass were a studying all the lures not to take.
The Chug Bugs, the Senkos, the spinner baits too
Were some to look out for, these but a few.

While back at my house, I was snuggled in bed;
As visions of big ones, danced about in my head.
A cast to some stickups, a cast to some weed
Produced bass after bass, it was a Mecca indeed.

I arose in the morning, tree lights twinkling bright
My eyes full of dream dust, I was quite a sight.
I gathered the family, and sat them down near
For the tale of the bass trip, I wanted all them to hear.

I regaled them quickly, with all that I caught
The big ones the little ones the lunkers I fought.
Their eyes were like saucers, as they listened with glee
But there thoughts were on presents beneath our great tree.

As I finished my tale I heard from my wife
Merry Christmas dear family,
And George, Get a life.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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