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Massive Magazine And Newspapers Collection

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As I am about the get ready to move from my home on Long Island, I would like to give my bass fishing newspaper and magazine collection to someone who will appreciate it.

It is filed in open "front facing boxes" dated and in cronological order. All magazines are in MINT condition and some exclusive editions.


First interested party who can come pick it all up gets it for FREE!

Tight Lines!
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Hey Charlie......

Where are you going ? Not far I hope !!!
Hi Kenny!

No not too far, but I am getting divorced and the house has to go!

I will find an apartment or somewhere to live and a lot of my stuff will have to go, so thats why I offered the collection.

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Sorry to hear that Charlie!

Been there done that!

I'll take your boat! LOL

Only kidding.

You know before I got married my wife gave me an ultimatum. She said either my 20ft Grady White has to go or she would go!.........boy, I miss that boat!

Don't give me that ultimatum now! LOL

Sorry for your loss

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Did you get rid of that stuff yet? Let me know.
Hi Dean!

No, nobody has come forward yet (I dont know why because the collection is a gold mine of information), so if you are interested, stop by and pick it up!

Tight Lines!
Sounds great. Thanks. I'll try to dig up your phone number and give you a call ASAP.
Heidi's gonna love that idea. LOL
Hey Joe!

I am looking for an apartment in Middle Village right now. Thats where I usede to live before the maddness and would like to return as one of my sponsors has an office there and I may work full time in the fishing industry (which has always been a dream of mine).

If when I get settled you need a place to drop, you know my home is yours buddy!

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Hey Charlie ...

I'm sorry to her that. Do you need to get rid of any Yamamoto Stuff? Let me know I'll be right over !!! LOL!!!

:cool: :cool: :cool:
Hi Kenny!

Dont laugh!!! I may have to move ALL my stuff if I cant find room!

It's pretty sad right now.... But you guys at Outcast know if it comes down to the wire, I will have a "by invitation only" sale!

Tight Lines!
Hey Charlie,
There is a nice vacant 1 bedroom apt in my building in Rego Park. The only thing wrong with it is that it happens to be next door to mine. I dont know if you could handle that. LOL
Sorry to hear about the stuff going on in your life right now Charlie. It sucks. I hope everything works it self out and you land on your feet. Good Luck.

"Same question...wife or a boat...

Guess what I chose.."

Joe, that may be the most moronic thing I've ever seen posted on this board.
i agree

its off....Craig....thanks for letting me see the light...
Thanks for all the words of encouragement and friendship, it means a lot. ;)

Leigh, your a great guy, but neigbors!! OMG!!!! We would never get a damn thing done because of the boats in the street and the tackle talks till 2am every night!!! LOL :D

Tight Lines!
Tight line


Hope all works out well.

Sorry to hear about the splitting up. Never good news.

My ex tells me the magazines are going to get the "heave-ho" if someone does not pick them up.

If anyone is still interested, they go to the first caller!

Tight Lines!
Charlie I am not sure how many boxes we are talking about but I figure I have the space to store them for you... drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll come and get them.
I will drop you an e-mail today! Many thanks

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