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Hit the expo an hour b4 closing only twice this year. Dropping close to a G in 2hrs.
Completing the list from the new VS vr to the the new SK jerks to name a few. Also on the list was a Lews Bait caster and a 6''10" Ducket.
Ran into an avid angler from the forum. Real cool guy. Sorry to keep it short w/you, but the $ was burning my pockets. LOl.

Stopped at the local b&t to spool up the Lews and the inshore Cannon reel that wasnt on the list but replaced the Clash.

Went to the Hudson River south of the bridge and found fuel slick burning my eyes and throat. Lots of activity on the water w/the clean up and birds diving at what ever type of bait fish busting on the surface.

Top of the high cast out the canon bottom fishing w/bloods and tested out the Lews on top water popper,jerk bait and spinner all 1/2oz just practicing cause I'm not all that good w/baitcasters.
As the water started to move on the outgoing the Canon took a dip w/3#. Decided to bottom fish the Ducket/Lews combo w/1oz lead my favorite hooks bottom fishing. About 30 min later while playing with my phone heard this splash looked up and the Ducket was bent over w/this guy.

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