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Pics upon request...

1. Pflueger Palomine NIB Mullet, yellow belly $20

2. CCBCo 918 Silver Flash GE Baby Pikie Ex. $45

3.CCBCo 703 Silver Shiner GE Pikie Mint. Wonderful lure with dark green back Pikie gold stencil, silver shiner scale pattern with soft pinkish hued striped down side, perfect glass eyes, bright shiny hardware and hooks excellent. Slight factory indent, no paint loss on right side lower bottom half between front and middle hook. $45.

4.CCBCo 731 Rainbow Fire GE Pikie Rate E+: One small pointer on belly, glass eyes perfect, color and paint fantastic, hooks dull but no tarnish and lip shiny and bright. One tiny dent in wood with NO paint loss and barely visible on left side in front of rear hook, barely visible pointer or two on right side mid body. With Gantron hang Tag! $50

5.CCBCo 711 White Head/Black Body Angle Dip GE: Rate VG+. Glass eyes perfect, slight dents on one side with no real blemish or paint loss and is actually tough to see on the black, slight age lines on chin and looks as if yellowing varnish on nose and chin, but most has come off with all paint intact and should clean nicely I think. One pointer on right side and very small crack under eye on left side with paint loss. Slight tarnishing to hooks. $70

6. CCBCo 2639 Bumblebee TE Pikie: Rate VG+: This bait has a high gloss shine, shiny new hooks and metal lip, perfect Tac eyes, with some age lines in finish on belly and sides, and a paint flake missing on bottom edge in joint to back half and top side edge of joint also on back half, 1/8 of an inch, with tiny paint flake at bottom edge of grommet to front hook. Still a very tough bait till upgrade comes along. $50
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