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Loving life at the Cal-Delta

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and I am stuck here in NY with them Delta Blues again.....{lol}.
Well, once again I got treated like a visiting dignitary by the folks in California, being treated to five 'backseats' while I was visiting there. Four days on the Delta, and an afternoon on Calero{a small lake in San Jose}, ah, how sweet it was !!!

Four different captains took me to their hotspots and shared their vessels with me, making for huge smiles and laughs.
The Stripers were feeding aggressively each morning at sunrise, and could be caught on Chug Bugs, spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and [sorry, Huge] weightless light-colored Senkos twitched near the top. I caught and landed Stripers up to about 2.5 pounds, but lost one that was HUGE, with great strength and power that I had on a bit before it bust me off, stealling my shad-colored crank.
The LMs were also catchable, and came on Senkos pitched tight to the Tules, red colored Cranks and "traps, spinnerbaits worked slowly on outside weedlines, and tex-rigged worms on weedy points, as well as a few on the Chug Bug when the light was low. While the fat sows evaded me, I caught numerous LMs each day, and had a 'best five-bag one-day total" of about 11 pounds.
The weather was AWESOME....80 to 90 every day, sunny and clear !! Needless to say, I got a bit of a tan too.....[lol].
California is such a beautiful state, and we were able to see Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park while we were there, and they are SPECTACULAR , as well as so much more of the state. It is amazing how much agricultural areas there are there too, producing a wide variety of goods for the table.
Needless to say, the wine was flowing , as were the I am writing this from my room at Betty Ford's place.....[lol].
Al H and I are off this coming Monday on our adventure to Beaver Lake in ARK in hopes of winning one of two fully-rigged Champion boats in the Yamamoto Open Series Final tourney to be held on the 7th and 8th. I thank all of you for your well wishes and good luck extended to us !!
Sadly. my team partner AL H has relocated to Florida just this week, so next season I will be looking again......but at least I know I have a backseat in Florida whenever I want... I wish him all the joy and luck in the world in his new home.
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no 20lbers? Delta is getting quite lame if youy ask me. LOL, glad you had some fun Bill...didn't frog up any fish?

Nope...could not get bit on "froggy". I did throw it a while, on a few days, just no takers for me. However, I did hear that two reknown froggers from the Delta area took a boat in a tourney the second Saturday I was there. Go figure...The 'frog' is a bait that you do not get a huge number of bites usually as opposed to some others, but when it does happen, often it is a real fat slob. They had eight bites only all day on it, and yet won a boat.... Me...nahdah...dang!!! Had a great time though, and already looking forward to my trip there next year !
The Delta was 'alive' with bass rigs, as two big tourneys were going on one saturday I was there, as well as numerous skiers and big cruisers, too. Finding the quieter sloughs and cuts was the ticket to a great day there. Tilll one has fished it, it is hard to comprehend the series of maze-like sloughs and cuts that abound in the California Delta, covering a massive area, with huge tracts of land or islands between the sloughs, and dikes evrywhere, often made from structual debris from earthquake collapses. Several big rivers meet to form the Delta, which flows into the bay located just east of San Francisco a bit. It is tidal, and wildlife, fish, and sportsmen abound in it.
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Bill, sounds like a fantastic fishing adventure!
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