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Looking for a guide...

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Im planning a trip to Puerto RIco this winter. Does anyone know of a good guide on the little island?? I looking for inshore saltwater.
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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Angling with Captain Jose Campos
Phone / Fax Number: 787-724-2079
P.O. Box 9065622 San Juan puerto Rico 00906-5622

He is extemely experienced and comes highly recommended from several friends that have been out with them.
Talk to Jeff, aka "The Baron". I believe he has family down there and probably knows a good guide.

Pat X
Pat, when Jeff was down there, I don't think he employed a guide...but yes, his Wife's family is there...

George: thanks for the heads-up to Sean....
My wife has family there too...none of them fishduh: ...well I guess not everyone is as good as us on NYBASS!!!!
:D :
where will you be staying and or visiting in PR? i may have some suggestions for you. try the salt while there!!!

I will be visiting the wifes family ibn Baymon. I plan on primarily fishing the salt. I was told not to bother withthe fresh water. I am interested though. What can you tell me about the fresh water fising...any place that I can target Peacocks??
the lakes in puerto rico are all dammed up river systems. no real formed lakes if that makes any sense. you can find some incredible fishing, but the locals will even tell you to go play in the ocean. i am trying to get you a good listing of the "lakes." i believe most of the lakes are stocked if not all of them.

here is a little insight to the lakes and stocking. also read about the bilharzia .......

lakes, species and acreage

I will be visiting the wifes family ibn Baymon
bayamon is in the NE by san juan. my wifes family is from caguas which is fairly close to bayamon. my partner is from mayaguez which is all the way in the midwest. i will ask him about the area you will be in, and will also ask for suggestions island wide.
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