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I am curious to get some opinions on line recommendations to use for pitching. I currently use sea king ultra braid 8/20 on a scorpion. I am going to spool a castaic 200sf and might want to try something difft. I will use it mostly on ny reservoirs (kensico, cross river).

I was looking at Mckoys mean green or p-line cx or 100%fluoro hearing good things about both.

Any ideas?

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Consider this: Cross River has a good population of weeds so you may want to stay with the braid.
However, Kensico is clear, rocky and virtually weedless, the flouro will be a better choice here.


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This past season I tried :

Trilene Big Game 20# Nice, has some stretch, casts well, handles well on spool.

Iron Silk 20# WOW! Tough, tough line. Like #2 wire!

Sensation 20# Handles beautifully, but not too tough.

Trilene XT 20# & 25# My standard, an old friend.

XPS Florocarbon 20# & 25# Handles well for a floro-line tough and strong.

This comming season I'll pretty much stay with the Big Game - just suits my fishing style. Most NJ lakes choke up with grass in July/Aug and this line gave excellent fish hooking and grass hauling performance!:D

The XPS Florocarbon would be my next choice. I may spool with a dacron braid backing and 40-50yds of the XPS. I think this might improve the lay on the spool.

I use braid (50# Power Pro) on my Carolina Rod for "casting" applications - tubes, frogs and rats. Works well in grass. Seems to fray on brushpiles and laydowns.

Anyway just wanted to pass along my experiences.

Stay warm!
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