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I am looking for a good light wire, offset, round bend worm hook...I use a good round bend hook now in the VMC Vanadiums, but I wanted to find something a little thinner for more finesse applications...It seems that all the thin diameter worm hooks have a Sproat bend or an O'shaughnessy bend to them...I dont want that...I have tried the X-Point brand in the round bend worm hook, and it is a GREAT hook...I love X-point hooks all around...But i don't believe that it is as thin as i can get it...

The Daiichi Bleeding Bait series lists one that apears to be what i am looking for and from the BPS catalogues, it looks pretty thin...Judging from their trebles in the same series, which i find to be very thin and tacky sharp, that might be the hook for me...Does Anyone have any experience with that hook?...I am not hung up on the red aspect of the hook, just the daimeter issue...Any other recommendations are welcomed...

I am not looking for a wide gap hook...I use them too, but I think I am set with my choices there...

Thanks ahead

Mark D

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Daiichi also makes TTi. I am alomst 100% positive that TTi is thethinnest out of the two. They use a thinner diameter, higher carbon steel. If you are looking for something that might bend a little if you snag it, this isn't the choice for you. The higher carbon translates into a stronger hook. Take a look at Hookerz from CT. I'm sure Jason has some good thin wire models.
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