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Let me introduce myself... My first post

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Hello All!

Newbie here... Allow me to tell you a little about myself. My name is Dave I am 42 yrs old. I live in N.E. Pa. However, I was born and raised in Queens N.Y. I have fished since I was 3. I did all my fishing as a kid in a relatively small lake called "Kissena" in flushing N.Y. I remember back in the 60's early 70's when you could rent a row boat at Kissena. I also remember being the only one at the lake fishing for bass while everyone else was fishing for carp and catfish. I caught some super nice bass there (up to 6 lbs). In my mid teens I fished a few of the N.Y. reservoirs (Titicus and Muscoot) with my uncle. We only fished from the shore as we did not have a boat. My uncle then purchased a canoe. We then started fishing one of the Bear Mountain 7 lakes, forgot which one??? it was (I think) the smallest one of the lakes. I remember it being the first one on the right when entering the park from the N.Y.C. direction. We then started (in 76 or 77 ?) fishing a stretch of the peconic river on the eastern end of L.I. I have been asked many times "which part of the peconic", I always tell them I really don't know lol. All I remember is we got off at exit 69 (l.i.e.) made a right then a left (I think) went down a road and pulled into a small opening in the woods. Where there was a very small clearing to park. We would have to drag the canoe down a steep muddy incline to launch our canoe. Once in the water if we went left we would fish some small coves and would eventually come to a tunnel or water way that ran right under the LIE. Anybody know what part of the Peconic we were fishing??? I remember the weeds being so thick you could walk on them and not get your feet wet lol. I fished there until the mid 80's When I got a real job and did not fish much for a few years. I then upped and moved to N.E. Pa. I mostly fish a small lake named "Minsi" Its got some nice bass. The state also stocks trout there but I don't fish for trout. I want to fish Lake Wallenpaupack more than I have. I hired a local guide (Bill Albright) just so I could find a few good spots. I need a bigger boat however to fish that lake and am currently saving to purchase one by next spring.

I didn't mean to ramble on. I just wanted to tell you all something about the fishing side of me.

Regards to all,
"Fishin Dude"
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Dude, our "Evil Tyrant" (John G) will be very happy with your introduction and you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the sight Dave! I, like you, fished the small ponds around my house growing up. I live just over the queens border and fished Kissena and Oakland lake many times growing up. Now i have a boat on the reservior systems and do most of my fishing up there. Enjoy the site!!
fishin dude

Welcome! This is a great site. I'm a short timer here and have learned alot and met some great people.

I also hired Bill Albright a couple of times last year. We caught alot of nice size small mouth on Wallenpaupack. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do it this year. How did you do when you fished with him?


Welcome to the site and the bassin' fun! Huge is right, John G will be very pleased with your first post. Have you been reading the site for awhile?

Anyway, join in on the fun.:beerchug:
Hello Dave and welcome to the madness. When are you gonna tell us something about yourself? LOL
I live in Queens and have fished Kissena many times in the past. I have also taken a few fish over 6lbs out of there as well.

From the way you describe the section of the Peconic you were on it sounds like the DEC launch area of Forge Pond. I like that section of the lake as well and have fished it all the way back to the overpass of the LIE. Joe P and myself (& Jet300) did pretty well there earlier this year. Glad to have you aboard!
Thanks Guys for the warm welcome!

maximus10k :

I forgot about Oakland Lake. I never had much luck there. I did catch a few bass by the lily pads near the back of the lake.


It was a tough day fishing when I went with Bill Albright I was a blue bird type of day. The day after 3 steady days of rain. However we still caught 8 bass including a 4 lb Largemouth. We caught them on tubes and spider grubs. The important thing was I found (thanks to Bill) some great spots to fish in the future.

PapaJohn :

I only stumbled onto this site a few days ago and I am glad I did.

Lpbassman :

Thanks for figuring out my Peconic location question. Is it still as weedy as ever? Did they ever improve the launch site? we used to brake our butts dragging the canoe up that dirt bank lol.

Thanks again for the great welcome.

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It is still loaded with weeds.
The DEC has greatly improved the hand launch area from when you were last there. It now has a slide to get the boat to the water and wooden stairs as well.
Wow what a lame intro:D ...

just kidding...lot's of info...welcome aboard...

Did you have to ice your figures after that post:)

Welcome to the board.

It is gonna take a while for you to get alot of posts if they are all that long:cool:
Welcome to NYBass, Dave

There is a huge number of really great folks here at this site that will give you awesome advice and help.

I concur with LPBassman {Leigh} about the site being at Forge Pond and you launching at a NY DEP launch site that has indeed been greatly improved since your time there. There is a two-rail wooden slide that is great for sliding small craft like canoew and rowboats dow to the water on now, as well as a small dock area and wooden steps that lead down to it along the slide. I have used it alone a few times, and launched myself there easily. Yup, still much weeds there, and great for 'froggin' during the summer heat.

Don't overlook the Delaware River for some great fishing too, with Smallies willing to play there, along with several others species too. I fish the stretch just above RT 80 almost every summer, camping along the river.

Me, 49, a manic Bass angler....started throwing artificials at 6 years old....been at it ever since.
Welcome to the site !!
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Dave -- Welcome aboard , and as Leigh said --Welcome to the madness. Don`t worry , in time you will work thru your shyness !!!!

Not another PA resident!!!


Great intro post and yes I too am a PA resident via NY via NJ, I am not too far from you just up the 209 in Pike Co., although I am a new PA resident and I am trying to learn these new waters.

Welcome and good luck!!!
dave...welcome aboard,
you will learn much here.....these folks know there stuff....
the bass don't stand a will be glad that you stubbled onto this site.....nice, friendly,informative folks here...
what part of pa. are you in...? i am 40 miles from wallenpaupak
but only 9 miles to pa. border........on the ny side :beerchug:
Voila, le difference!!!!

yes, a fantastic first post, more of what I truly hope to see....

look at how much he has given us to digest!!!

Dude: we also have a poster named BassinDude....., so now we have two dudes! LOL....

glad to see Scott E already alerted you that he is a neighbor, as well as BuddyRow....

hang around, you will find much common ground......
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Welcome to NYBass my man !!!

I grew up and still reside in Queens and I also fished "Kissena Lake" in the 70's....those were memorable times !!!

Now, the majority of my fishing is at the NYC Reservoirs.

Enjoy the site !!! :beerchug:

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I can see that there are some really nice people here....thanks


Thanks John for this great site. I am very glad I registered.

Skeet :

That sure was alot of typing I did huh? Took me an Hour to type. I only type with 2 fingers lol :D

Wild Bill :

Actually I have fished the Deleware, from rt 80 (gap) down to Portland. I just can't get used to moving water :D I wanted to try and fish the Delaware more this year but with all the rain the water was very high and the color of chocolate.

Pete L :

Shyness was never one of my lesser qualities :D

Scott E. :

Do you live near Bushkill? Did you ever try fishing Hidden lake?
I have caught nice bass there night fishing.


I live in East Stroudsburg. About 5 miles from the Pa. N.J. border. Only minutes away from rt 80

Bass Stalker :

Those WERE the days. Remember when they had the pony rides across from the park? My ex- father in law used to run the rides.

"Fishin Dude"
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From one Dude to another Dude...



Now we need a couple "Dudettes" :D

(I hope my wife ain't readin' this :rolleyes: )
hey dude!...welcome!... you just found one of the friendliest and most informative sites on the web :) i've played golf at kissena golf that near kissena lake?...

i agree with the rest here... it sounds like you launched at forge pond, then took a left up the river... a right would take you to the main pond.

thanks for the detailed intro and again welcome!
Welcome to NYBass from Western New York, Dave. I have often wondered about Lake Wallenpaupack as I have driven near it on I-84 many times. From what I gather, it's pretty good water.

Ha, I see "Bassin Dude" already got in a welcome. I was going to warn you about him. He's armed and dangerous (armed with extensive and deep bass knowledge and dangerous with his rods and tackle).

"Fishin Dude" - awesome! Now we need a "Castin Dude" or "Reelin Dude" to finish it off! Maybe "Anglin Dude" - okay, I'll knock it off now. Again, welcome! :)

Tight Lines...
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