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Last licks on the Ashokan

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Well barring a serious warming trend , this was my last outing up to the Ashokan . Great to see it FULL !!!! Got to the boat late today , around 10:30am and within 100' of where I launch , on a rattle trap , nailed a beautiful rainbow . Fantastic colors , great fight , and 23 " . Needless to say HE'S sitting in the freezer . That was it for the trout but the rest of the day saw some decent smallies on crawfish colored crank baits . I threw a baby 8 in that color and tied into quite a few 3 to 4 lb smallies Too many to keep an accurate count and my buddy did almost equally well on a Rapala and chrome rattle trap . Smalles one was 2.4 on the old digital .
PLENTY of deer to go around and now along the reservoir the fishing only signs also say HUNTING !Some cars parked away from fishing gates and a few guys in camo so maybe the City is allowing bow hunting ? ABOUT TIME !!! Saw 2 bucks chasing a doe through the woods and also saw a doe swimming about 300 yards from shore to a small island . No bald eagles but many loons . georgeous , cloudless day up there , mild wind , water I would GUESS low 50's and gin clear .
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