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Nick A: Bass Rat, in his inimitable fashion, is poking fun at you because of the wording of your first time post.....

at NyBass, we like to see a little more about the person, what he does, did, etc.......

certainly as a new poster here, you can come on with a little more than you have offered if you expect someone to impart any information to you?????

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Now I can answer my own question. Non stop cold rain from 7:30 to noon. Water at 56 degrees with plenty of current. Expected good smallie action but we only caught two nice largemouth bass on brush hog and white spinnerbait. Woody, should have joined you on Mahopac. See you there next week (you too Gary, get the $2 ready).
Nick A

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You didn't miss anything on Mahopac. I was there with Woody and it SUCKED!!! The only thing good about Friday on Mahopac was the company, Woody is a great guy to go fishing with and I hope to go out there with him on a day when they're biting!!!

:D :beerchug: :D :cool:

Just saw this....Gentlemen

Nick A is a well respected fisherman who fish's with both Bergen and Watershed Bass Clubs.
Nick has been fishing for awhile and is considered one of the premiere fisherman in our club...
The transition to this site is a little difficult and I think Nick stumbled onto the site during a recent situation;) .
Nick has not been a "lurker" and definitely has a ton to share..
Nick...Welcome to the site and I am sorry I didn't see this earlier.
Nicholi...Nick is referred to as the "Godfather" by some in the club..
Gabeech? LOL
See you NICK'S soon,
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