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Lake Zero (aah, I mean Lake Zoar)

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We had a small club tournament scheduled yesterday on the Hudson.

After learning that there was open taking place (anyone know if those results are posted somewhere?) we decided to move ours to Lake Zoar.

The good news is that the state did a really nice job on the ramp and parking facilities.

Bad news is that we still suck at fishing.

I know the state does a lot of good things that we don’t see, but it’s nice to see something tangible coming from our license fees and money we spend locally on our forays.

Tough to non-existent bite all day.

Water temperature was about 50—51 pretty consistently.

Seven anglers only boated 5 keepers (all LM’s).

Largest was 18" (nice fish).

We tried all our usual haunts with very limited success.

Fished deep, shallow, and in and around the weed beds.

The wind made it a little tough to hold our ground (must have been even tougher on the Hudson).

As usual I threw my proverbial kitchen sink at them and they just laughed back at me.

Even tried my pegged & unpegged brush hogs.

Sorry to say this Hugefish, "but all the keepers were taken on senkos."

Including a 17" brook trout that somehow found his way into 2 feet of water under a permanent dock (talk about rogue fish).

Very, very slow fishing was reported by all (hardly any dinks, panfish or toothy critters either).

Most of my success was north of the I-84 bridge.

I also must say about that sandbar that’s in the middle to left of the channel north of the bridge:

"It’s a good thing sandbars are made out of sand and not rocks!!!, It’s also a good thing to have a cell phone with you……"

Fish-Eye….. <*))}}}}>><{{
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Eye: I dont think you guys suck... I think you just went on one of the various tough waters right now...

you gave it your best shot...on another place, might have resulted in a bonanza.......
Sorry to say this Hugefish, "but all the keepers were taken on senkos."
That is sorry! LOL! :D
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