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Lake "R"

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Went out for a couple hours this afternoon after my honey do's. Took 3 rods, spin with hair jig, cast with jerk bait, and pitch with jig & chunk. Started with jerk bait and after catching a bunch but no quality put it down . Went to hair jig and caught a bunch more and the quality went up some. Then grabbed the jig & chunk and proceeded to jigem up and jigem up. Didn't catch a 5 today but gotem up to a little over 4. Full of fight and even jumping dispite surtemp of 44 degrees. And I expect they will bite until the water is hard.
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Nice day Gary!!

I knew Ronkonkoma would turn on late this season.Sounds like you unlocked the secrets of the "Dead Sea":D ...><>...HS
Wow, nice day , Gary!
Thanks for sharing...
gary ain't fishin' Ronk

He's about 3-4 hours north of Smthtown
here we go again:

Gary, please designate the actual name of the water....

we have a policy on here that doesn't allow giving mysterious names to waters....our take is: if you don't want someone to know about a water, then don't post about it...

but if you do, it can't be a tease....

nothing personal against you my friend, it has been applied to all.....please correct...

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Sorry Doc,
Certainly didn't intend to snooker or mislead anyone. Thought most guys knew where I do most of my fishing and Paladin had it nailed. Lake "R" is Robinson Lake in Columbia County. Again, sorry 'bout that.
this place is serious... YIKES!

John, take it easy on ole Gary there. The pitcher never tells the batter what the next pitch will be, or does he?
Gary is one of the nicest men and finest fisherman to ever grace this board......but it is applied to all to be fair.....

now YOU Palladin, Mitch, are nothing but a trouble maker, rabble rouser and poor loser! LOL....HAHAHHAHAHAHAH.....nah, you are a mensch also.......
I resemble that remark, John

there must be a board rule about name calling. There are rules for everything else. Maybe a mashuganuh? ( i know i spelled that wrong! <G>
hmmmm....Meshuggenah......not sure......we need some of our Jewish experts to confirm...

however, two of the best, Gregg and Jeff can't spell worth a lick!!!!
Thanks for getting the lake's name squared up....I thought 'for sure" that he had meant Ronkonkama....DOH !!!!
Anyone on Long Island knows he wasnt talking about Ronko... lol
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