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lake marion, S.C.

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Went dwn south over the weeknd thur-sunday night.Had death in the family.Each morning i woke up i counted 7-12 boats in a few hours.I called a few old friends and managed a trip on lake marion sunday 6-2pm.Weather was in the mid 70's water temp was 66 at 12pm.
LMB was healthy and good colored.5lb and 6lb bass was common
also the pan fish was very healthy.Crappies up to 3lbs,red breast blue gills almost 2lbs.
Most bass was caught on top in the morning,wacky worm when the sun came up.Then i switched to 3x soft jerk bait and spinner by noon,even caught 1 striper on the blades that pulled drag like crazy:D
But the best part of the day was spending the day on the h20 w/an old friend that i use to fish and hunt w/pellet guns when we were young who i havent seen in 15 yrs or more..........
When i grew up there in the 70's and 80's i didnt like the out doors to much because of the snakes, bugs,heat.etc.But now i cant wait till i get time off from the job so i can head back.
Goes to show,time changes everyone.:) I cant wait to go back to this place i heard about called ARROW HEAD (just reopened to the public after many yrs) where they have up to 4lb crappies.No live bait for me,strickty jigs:D
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must be a kerr res. thing

To me it seems like there's no differ in the fight.They give up pretty easily.Unless u hook in to a 6LB striper like i did.Then its a completly differ story.What a ride...... Reminds me of the bones in the Caymans Isl.
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