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Lake Lillinonah 5/11

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Made our way back up to Lilly yesterday. We fished from 8:30 until 5:30 PM. Weather was great light winds most of the day picked up in the late afternoon. Based on the wind forecast and the limitations of the Pond Prowler we left the ramp and went under the bridge up to were the river splits we were greeted with glass like conditions. The water was basically the same as two weeks ago 60-61 degrees, water clarity was about 2 ft, a little stained, I guess from the rains and constant wind we have been having. The left cut of the river was much clearer about 5 ft. We fished about 4-5 miles of the river. Started out tossing a Zman Hula Stik on 1/10 wide gap Ned head, also threw some TRD's, Spinners and cranks and Jigs. We caught and released between 30-35 bass, mostly largemouth but with a nice mix of smallies. Had nice size quite a few 3 lbers,a couple of 4's and my PB on Lilly a 6 lb LMB beast. After taking photos and weighing her, immediately got her back in the water, the very next cast bam a 4 lb smallie, it was amazing! I caught 90% of my fish on a Zman Micro Finesse Jig in Candy Craw with a Bama Bug colored TRD Bugz trailer. The balance of my fish came on the Hula Stik. We also had tons of panfish, Rockies and a few Calicos. Over an excellent day, probably my overall best day on Lilly.
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That’s awesome ! That’s a great outting.
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