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Lake Kenawaukee

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Does anybody have any pointers on where to fish the lake this time of year, as well as what to use? This is my first year with a boat and I haven't yet mastered the fall months. In fact, I haven't been out since probably September. But if anybody can give any tips to a 28 year old just coming into the sport, I'd appreciate it.
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It's actually like 3 lakes in one. If you go under the first bridge you'll be in the shallowest of the averages about 6-10ft dept. If you continue to go under the second bridge you'll be in the depest of the gets to about 27ft. If you go to the right this has the average deepest dept. It averages about 10-13ft. deep. I would go to the deepest(under both bridges) and work the drop off on the south side of the island and along the road, steep bank. Good luck....the water should be gin clear.
There's a hole out there that goes to 10ft. but your right it's a very shallow lake. I would hit that lake now(fall) because of it's dept and smaller size...hopefully the fish would be easier to find. I prefer fishing the dam side. I have some pictures of that side when it was drained down a few years ago to work on the dam..there are a few rock walls and a NICE hump in that back section...;)
The Kanawakee EXPERT is my old partner on that lake NYBassangler....he got quit a few 5lbers out of there...we spent alot of time that lake together.
If your going to fish the launch lake, I'd concentrate on the south side of the big's deeper than between the two islands and there is some deep shore lines...also alot of docks back there.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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