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Lake Erie Open NOVEMBER 22

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I will be holding an Open tourney on Lake Erie November 22. It will be from 7:00 - 3:00 with registration from 6:00- 6:30. 100% payback, $30 entry. You can fish alone or with a partner. We will be going out of Small Boat Harbor!

I would love to see some of the "downstate" guys make the trip for this one. This late in the year, the weather can be a bit tricky, but with some luck the snow won't fly (too deep anyway) and we can still get a decent turnout!

Lets see some more of those fall Lake Erie Pigs! 25 lbs limits anyone? If anyone would like to come, but does not have a partner, let me know and I will do my best to hook you up with a local!

Seth V
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I would love to see some of the "downstate" guys make the trip for this one.
Here's your chance, guys! It only gets better! But, bring your "snuggies". :D

C'ya on the water,
Mid to late November usually brings some of the largest smallmouth of the year out of the inland lakes. If this holds true for Erie (which I am sure it does), can you imagine what we are in for!!

I'm in if the weather cooperates!!
Does ANYONE need a partner?! Please let me know if you do...I don't think I can buy a boat by then....:D
If you keep catching those 6-ers, I may have to kick Zack out of the boat, and take you instead! :)
Gregg, doesn't Zack catch your big fish though??? :D
Usually, but he is only good for upper 5's, Meg has that 6-er thing going on. One must think of these things, you know. :)

I should be careful, or, possibly, those 2 might take the boat, and I'll be at work! :0)
Gee Gregg, so, what is Zach's number?! Maybe I should go another route...If all I have to do is kick Zach out of the boat, I might be able to manage that....:D Just kidding Zach!
I just got back in town, and, no, you're not getting his number! :)

Man, the weather looks great this weekend, and I bet I'm not going to be able to get out at all! :( More than likely the last awesome weekend of the year, oh well, we'll just have to fish in snow!

Just so we fish.......
No Honeoye?

Wow Gregg....... you're not going to do Avon's tx. on Honeoye? That'll seem weird not to have you guys there. Didn't you and Zack win that event, last year?

Meg, I have Zack's number. It might be for sale. :D

C'ya on the water,
Do you remember that fine day in November last year? We took off from the state launch to head up to the marina to register, and when we tied up to the docks we had to blaze fresh tracks through 1-2 inches of snow. It then snowed on and off the rest of the day, sometimes not being able to see the other end of the lake. This year sounds a tad bit better!!

I don't think Gregg was there last year either. Dave Wood won with 15+ pounds of largemouth, while Kretchmer and I took 2nd with 14+ pounds of smallies.
Ah yes...... that does bring back "fond" memories.;) Maybe it was the year before.

C'ya on the water,
The year before Doug Blair and his partner won with 16+ pounds, but his "first time ever fishing" partner caught that enormous 6 1/2 pounder. Gregg and Zack took second with 13 something of smallies, most of which were caught later in the day after talking to them :D
We won one of the Honeoye opens last year, it was an Avon tx, I remember telling of the 'infamous' dock fish. I think we had 16 or 17, but not sure which tx it was. And yes, Meg, Zack caught that 5.68. But, I did a great net job. :)

Oop, just looked at the plaque, it was Sept 28th.... a little earlier.

Darn thing called WORK!! We'll have to see if we can 'get out of it' or not.........

Is there anything going on Sunday?
Is there anything going on Sunday?
Late word has it that there's an open on Keuka. Mmmmmmmm, sounds interesting! :D Still trying to get the details.

C'ya on the water,

In my vocabulary, 'Keuka' means: Donate your money to Ted and partner. :)
Stop It!!


You were looking for something on Sunday.............. :angel: I'm just a player like everyone else. I get my butt handed to me there, on a regular basis.

Just talked to the guy and the event is on! :D

Launch at State Park at Branchport.
Safe Light - ( 6:15 or so) to 2:30

He said he expects a good turnout! Weather looks great. Should be fun!

C'ya on the water,
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Thanks for the info, maybe we'll be up. Didn't it take like 26 or 27 pounds that time we fished late in the year on Keuka? Maybe it was 'just' 24 or 25.........

I wish we had that much.........

........ ah, I mean the winners. Two years ago, it was just shy of 20 lbs. But, I'm sure the lake is capable, under the right conditions, to put out a 24 lb. bag. We were there on the 11th and it was just slightly over 21 lbs. The winning team had 2 largemouth that went well over 6 lbs. each. One was just shy of 7 lbs. Andy and I had 18.15 lbs. for second.

But, that was then, and this is now! If I can find a partner, I'll be there. I think I have someone lined up.

C'ya on the water,
Just a courtesy reset here. Anyone who has ever wondered what it's like to potentially catch 20+ pounds of tournament Smallies should consider making it to this contest. :yes:

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