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Well folks, we're still at it!!!

Today we had a mini NYBASS get together, all on Seth's Ranger :D Besides Seth and myself, Charlie and Sea Jack came along for the fun as well. We were not sure how dragging tubes 4 abreast would go, but it worked out perfectly, and only one slight tangle of lines occured!

We had a WNW wind at about 10 mph, and scattered snow showers all morning, with one burst of heavier lake effect snow. Temp was somewhere in the low to mid 20's. It is funny how one can get used to these cold temperatures, because it really didn't feel that bad out, except for the 60+ mph rides down the lake!

We started up north again, lots of bait/fish on the gragh, but no takers. Water temp was still a cool 36 degrees, but no ice forming this week :D We decided to head south.

We stopped and almost immediately Charlie got the first taker of the day, and gave us all hope that the fish might cooperate once again.

Charlie with the first fish of the day, roughly three pounds

Very shortly after!!!

Sea Jack decides it's his turn, and puts this dandy in the boat, roughly 4 pounds, and the biggest of the day

Up at the north end of the lake, we were dragging in 20-35 feet of water, but in the south end we were in 30-45 feet. Was this the difference?? John caught his second very shortly after his first, and again in over 40 feet of water.

Seth thought it was his turn to do some catching, and put two rather quick ones in the boat, this being his second:

The snow really began to fall when Seth landed his second of the day

A shot looking north, losing sight of land. The two furthest points completely disappeared moments after this picture

OK, it is 11:00, and 3 out of the 4 of us had caught fish. I HAD to get off the water no later than noon for a family dinner. My time is running out. Charlie had one wicked line mess on his rod, so he borrowed my spare. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him set the hook. But at that same instant, I got bit to!!! A late December double!!!

Hooking them at the same moment, these two fish broke water at the same time during the fight

So there it was, 4 guys each catching at least one fish in the four hours we were out there, and even had one double. Does it get any better than this!!

Coming in at noon, we were still the only tracks that launched all day :D

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Well, I'll be!

That's some snow there, fellas!

I had my equipment and everything in my truck and ready to go, but it was snowing up a storm bigtime, so I stayed in. Picked up about 6 inches or so today.

Awesome pics, Noel! Glad you fellas had a great go of it. John "Sea Jack" finally got those December bronzbacks! Yeah, boy!

Nice job, you all. :yes:

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Incredible!! Talk about endurance, if you western boys go any longer you'll be into a good prespawn bite for sure.
Dont bother winterizing and break out the jerk baits & hair jigs.

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Can't believe it!!

It's just unthinkable that "they" don't get these boat ramps plowed!!:D Don't they know there's still fishing to be done??:D

Nice to see you guys got out. I also noticed in your pix that all of you were "on the ball" and were wearing your life jackets, even while fishing. SMART MOVE! One wouldn't last long in 36 deg. water.

Well, I hope that she stays liquid for a little while yet, so I can get another shot. With the impending forecast, it's entirely possible. And then again, if Noel would just come down to my house and get this damn drywall done, I could have been out, too.:D

C'ya on the water,

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our longrange for Christmas week is a warming trend...they are talking 50 degrees down here for Tuesday!!!!

something tells me you will have liquid for a while longer, and since that cold obviously doesn't affect you mountain men, looks like more reports are upcoming!!!!
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