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Kistler Rods

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Not sure if this is appropriate but I got this and thought i would pass it on.

"Merry Christmas from Kistler Rods!

Just wanted to send out a quick note to our past visitors from our web
site and to make you aware of an exclusive Christmas special.

We have discounted many of our overstocked 2003 rod models by 25% off
the retail price and are offering FREE SHIPPING for the month of

The total savings to you is at least $45.00.

We guarantee everything is in stock and will ship immediately. If for
some reason we run out of one particular model, we will contact you to
help you pick out a comparable rod at the same discounted price.

This offer is only good until December 11, 2003, so hurry and catch
this deal before it‚s gone.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
[email protected]"
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it is not my company. i am just passing along a discount email i got from the company. i am not advertising for anyone. i thought spamming was promoting my own personal company. i am not in the tackle business, just an average fisherman. thought you guys might want a bargain on a decent rod.

After the first sentence saying i am passing it on the remainder is in quotes from the second sentence until the end. i stated nothing except that i received the email and i am passing it on. sorry it was not clear enough.

hi guys,

sorry if anyone was confused. i am not in the tackle business. just forwarding an email i recieved from the company. i would do it with an discount on tackle i would receive. i think all of us would want to save a buck when we can unless it is a senko. ;)
what are you going to buy?

Just curious. what are you going to get?

I was looking at the 6ft spinner bait pitching stick. I like the short rods for the reservoir boats. don't really need anything though. what i need to do is unload some stuff. now that would be novel.
gotta feel good

a friend calls money a person spends on himself 'love money'. what better thing to do than buy a new rod? the nets, giants and jets lost. how else is the winter going to feel good with this, eh? wink, wink. allow us to live vicariously.
did you get one?


did you buy a rod? i almost bought one until i walked into my local store and saw a rod with the initial GL on it and going to get a sweet deal. it is a short rod, 5'6, but i like the short rods especially for the reservoir boats for side arm/underarm casting plus i aint a big guy so the smaller rods just fit me better. I guess if i had a motorized bass boat i would go longer but i would probably have the handles cut shorter for me.
nice rods but not on sale

i want one but not cheap. i am getting a loomis gl3 5'6, med wt, fast action for cheap. i like this size a lot. Distance is not so great but never a problem with sf reels and i often go for tight cover anyway. i am not tall and cast from the back of a jon boat often.
i own a custom kistler rod

I know he will make rods to spec and was considering the spinnerbait special until i came upon the loomis rod for cheap. I think i will also get a lefty castaic sf at the same time and have a nice setup.
i could help myself

I broke down and got the 6' spinnerbait rod. I could not help myself. I own 2 kistler rods and they are great so I know this one will rock. No worries. May still get the gl3 since it was a bargain. now i am going to get a castaic sf to match it. spring or the first thaw cannot come quick enough.
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