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Kind of ridiculous, but serious question

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Just reading how Marty and his friend rowed over 20 miles the other day. I row and fish alone and have often thought, what is the ruling on fabricating a portable mast and sail that one could attach to his/her row boat and use to "help" cover more water more quickly? Although it would be a little difficult without a center board, someone with a little skill and knowledge could quite easily attach a sail to a row boat and cover some pretty vast distances in pretty short time. Just a thought.
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The best thing I've found is a LONG set of oars.... they will be a little harder on you - but you can really move if you need too... I have a few sets - the longest being 9 footers for my 14 ft Starcraft with a 60" beam.... I use 8 footers on my other Semi V's that are closer to 50" beam and on the few Jons I have that are narrow - 7fters.... which work and are easy on the arms - but you can't cover as much water.

I've seen a few boats with what looks like a small rudder/fin added to the back... probably helps keep things straight and make it easier to stay on coarse... might be worth a look if you can fab something up that you can remove before dragging the boat into the water.

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