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Kensico and Browns

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A friend of mine has fished Kensico for years and claims right now the browns are shallow and can be caught from shore using alewives. Anyone have experience, or pointers for catching trout at Kensico. I'd like to try it but nor sure as to technique, or what type of conditions, meaning shallow or deep water, morning, evening, etc. I can nose hook the alewive but should I use a bobber, sinker or both- neither?

Any advice appreciated. If anyone wants to partner up let me know.

Fish Hard!
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Thanks Mark,

I found an article which said basically the same as you. Nose hook the alewive, toss it weightless, open the bail on the reel, and set the rod down. Let any fish run awhile and set the hook on the run.

Location wise, look for natural migration routes in or near deep water.

Hook wise it suggested a #6 hook.

I've gotten small trout at Croton Falls in the past using spoons, etc. I just want to try something new, and hopefully catch something a bit larger.

I will say I am really looking forward to the spring. I'll have a boat at Kensico, a solid understanding of the basics because of NYBASS.COM, and the inspiration generaterated here is quite infectious.

Thanks again everyone for your help.

Fish Hard!
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