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I wouldn't even write a report if it wasn't for the ending/not too many reports around here.

I go to Orange res phone/camera less which could be a blessing considering the quality of my dearly departed droid's camera, the blurry offspring of which many of you have squinted at.

Anyway I throw a swim senko for a bit, trying to gain confidence on a hot and muggy fay with smatterings of rain.
Eventually I brake down, and seeing a likely tree, throw a black senko. Surely enough my prostitute of a lure catches a 1lber, which would be the only fish of the day, hence my reluctance to post.

I meander on feeling appropriately dirty from my senko-ed moment of weakness. I go to another spot and it quickly becomes evident that fish are holding there. It was a long log with many branches in the water, which has been my most successful pattern of late. It is next to a dropoff and a boulder too so I was feeling confident.

I glared reproachfully at my senko, and decide to man up and change lures. As I walk do get my bag, I quickly learn that it is too late, stick bait karma has caught up with me. There is a searing pain in my leg and my back. I run around and tear off my shirt, providing ample entertainment for anyone watching me. It turns out I somehow got three consecutive stings in my leg with another in my on my back. On my now inside out shirt is a wasp.

This is just a week after getting stung in the same lake just under my eye, which was nothing compared to today.
Three stings in a 6 inch area prickle pretty badly, so I sadly and somewhat painfully walked back for pickup.

Ok I have question while you chuckle over my misfortunes. Fish were jumping out of the water today. They were pretty small, much smaller than carp. I believe it was a perch but I am not sure if that is a characteristic of theirs. Also at twilight, there are hundreds of individual ripples within casting distand almost like rain. Someone said those were also white perch. Any ideas?

Painfully, Paolo
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