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Jersey Shore Surf 10/28/03

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Gave the boat and lakes a rest today and got in on some Striper and Blue action.

6:30am to 7:30am landed (10) Blues 3lbs to 6lbs and this Striper that went 34" and probably in the high teens in pounds.

All on Top water !

Sandy Hook area.
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A little salty action of my own...repost from the Saltwater boards:

Got into a nice striper at the Bluffs on Saturday. Only one fish, but it was a keeper at 31" (11 lbs.). Fish hit a 1.5oz. Hopkins. Guys under the light were catching a few fish. Nothing great, but some action anyway.

Steve Res Dog was killing them at dawn at Mecox Bay. He reported 4 stripers to 14 lbs. and 16 blues up to 12 lbs. They opened the bay to the ocean duw to all the rain and the current brought in bait and gamefish.


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