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It's not over until the fat fish sings!

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Got my first and only fish over 4lb.s for the year, a 6, on a crankbait yesterday, plus a smattering of picks and smaller bass. Who says the season is over? Lowland lake temps may be in the 50's, but the big boys and girls are coming out to play in lowland lakes!

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You are right! Fishing "ain't" over until there is solid ice. Fishing can be slow at times, but big healthy hogs are definitely still in the mix!
Frank: as long as the conditions are not deplorable, I will keep going.....last year, I was out in DEC.........
Congrats on that hog !!! I agree, the season is far from over.
As a matter of fact, I usually have the most success in November.

last year, I was out in DEC.........
A very strange year John, just like the year before! Who ever heard of wearing a light jacket in Dec. and catching a boat load?(2001- one of my best years ever!!) Of course John, we weren't fishing for bass in Dec. , were we?!!! LOL ;)

You could have been on LI
Actully it was Candlewood in CT and we blade bait the deep water all day and came away with only a couple of perch!
right...last year...however, 2001....yes Frank , THAT was a different fact, at one point in DEC, the water temps actually went UP!!!! from the 1st week in DEC to the second week!!

amazing, may never see that again for a while...

the fish , of course, responded in kind.....

we were pulling in mostly picks at wampus with a stray bass or two ( or three LOL)
2001 was just plain bizarre!! I caught fish in every water I fished, from 1 month after that super thick ice-out, to mid Dec. Remember how cold the winter was?

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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