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It`s Lunch Time !!!!!

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It`s Lunch Time !!!!!

Next Wed. , Dec 17 . At Pizza Uno on Central ave , in Yonkers.

So far it`s JohnG and myself. Anyone that has the time is welcome.
Basserachi ?? Paul ???

Hope to see a few more people.

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I should be able to make it


I cant--NY Boat show set up begins.
Who's buying the pizza ? :D

Ronnie, we meet at Noon....why don't you try to make it!
Jeff - Thought you were in Puerto Rico !!! , Or are you flying up just for the burgers?????

Ronnie - Haven`t even tried thier pizza yet.
IF I remember correctly , the protocol is for the new guy to pick up the tab!!!!!!LOL

Hope you can make it!!
I'll try to make it but I'm NOT picking up the tab ! :D

Just for the burgars LOL

I leave on thursday the 18th for Three weeks in PR. See ya Wed.

that's great Jeff!!!!

c'mon, who else is somewhere in the vicinity of Central Avenue at that time??

and Ronnie, no one has ever ordered Pizza first there at one of our thingies, you can be the first one! LOL......

they do have incredible burgers, 10 ounces of perfection......70 whopping grams of sinful protein........
Chicago style pizza!!!

I'm 15 minutes away. Should be able to make it. We'll be having a department holiday lunch sometime next week too. If that falls on the same day, politics says that comes first :(. Will advise.
i think i can make this one!... looking forward to seeing you guys... jeff, bring a family snapshot for me if you have an extra:beerchug:
Mike: it would be real super if you can make this little shindig, much to talk about....
I'll be there as well! Can't wait to see everyone again...

I was hoping to attend but I've been fighting the flu for the past two days......I'll miss the good company !

It would be great to see you Mike!

Been way too long! I will bring some pics.

Mark , that is terrific!!!!

remember: 12 noon, at Chicago Uno on Central AVE.........

how many definites now? about 5 or so??
Count me in.

No department lunch planned. I might be a few minutes later than noon, but plan to be there.

MikeD, how well do you know Westchester? It's right on the main drag through Yonkers, White Plains, etc.

I spoke to Pete last night...Unfortunately i can't make this one...I am off fom work every other weds and this one i am working...if we get a rhythm to these things or other events, i would love to make them all...The company is second to none...But I would be especially interested in the ones that you are paying for !!!...Lol

Go eat the ass out of that place !!!

Mark D
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