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Is Alomar on his way back?

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Back page of todays Daily News...."Almoar BEGS Cashman and the Yankees to Give him Second Chance." Wow....story inside states that Alomar and Cashman HAVE spoken. Possibly a good move if they can get him at reduced price. Then keep Soriano and move him to right field and down to 5th or 6th in the order. Article says they are thinking about bringing back Ventura to back up third and first. hummmmm....I love the "hot stove" league.
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NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!

That is the last thing any yankee fan should want...

Please, George, do not give in on this!!!!
if George brings that piece of $#!+ to the Bronx, I will join Bass Rat as a Met fan. What is George thinking? Do the umps in New York need to be spat upon a few more times?
NO WAY Robbie--maybe Boston will take your type but not the Yankees.
Yea, he on his way back...

to the golf course as I type....Wishful thinking on his part...
As a long time Red Sox fan, I can only wish that the Yankees waste their money on RAlomar!
I wouldnt get to comfy

Hey Bigdog...Robbie is just the guy Manny neads to keep him comapny. Wow what a clubhouse that would make...No-More I mean Mar, Pedro, Manny & just doesnt get any better than that. lol
You Spit on a guy once on antional T.V and you're branded for life,Geez. I think Alomar has lost a step and his bat has slowed almost like he just got old suddenly. Time for him to make the rounds of faded Star on bad teams. Please don't come to Boston in the Winter Roberto. It pains me to say this because a few years back he was the best.
this is beyond the spitting incident, Phil, this guy layed down like a dog for the METS......
John, Lots of guys layed down for the Mets.
I think lounge chairs are written into their contracts....A who's who of has-beens....Mo, Alomar, Cedeno, Burnitz and Galvine...RIP
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