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if you have heard of or seen iridium sattelite flares before there will be two within 2 minutes of each other tonight visible from smiths point beach on LI. earthy?? the beach is at the end of william floyd parkway. intensity will be -7 and -6 which in easy terms is really really bright.

the iridium satellites pass over at about 780km (485 miles) and the sun reflects off of the mission antenna on the sat. what you see is a strong bright light that appears to streak across the sky. the kids love it as they count down to first light.

we have it down to a science using as our prediction site. we pull up and get out of the car, watch the light and move on.

i know it sounds lame, but i am a poor civil servant and we look for cheap activities to raise the kids interest in science and outdoors.

anyone interested... we will be at the main snack building at 500pm. weather permitting. sky should be clear to slight clouds.

---- robbie
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