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so the Yankees DO get Kevin Brown and TRADE Jeff Weaver...

what this proves, is what I always say: NO ONE IS UNTRADEABLE!!!

you just need the right management.....there is a market, literally , for anyone and everyone....and this trade proves it beyond a doubt.......

moves can ALWAYS be made (re: Scott Layden , GM of the Knicks, with all the excuses)

now: another biggie: BOSOX GET FOULKE!!!!!! no small potatoes....this was a major weakness for this team!! talk about a team hell bent on winning it all!

and finally, my Mets: sticking with the plan, not getting foolish, and signing another younger, faster superb fielding ball player, in Cameron....

the Mets are now about as strong up the middle as almost any team in Baseball.....they need to be with Piazza's throws! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH......

it is not over for the Mets, but there is no doubt that they are not going to fall into a stupid expensive deal.....I think that if Guererro didn't have the herniated disk problem this year, they would have already pursued him, however, in light of their recent travails in this injury dept, I don't blame them one little bit for hesitating on this scary deal...I mean, this guy is looking for 16 to 17 million a year for 6 to 7 years......with what happened to him this year with the back, I would be scared absolutely shatless if I were a general manager....if healthy, it is a no brainer as he is easily one of the 5 best in baseball right now....

one possible trade that has been bandied about and that would also cost good money has been mentioned is that other Ordonez, Magglio or whatever his first name is.....check out his stats on CBS sportsline.....a better bet than Guererro long term........

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I tell you what John, last week we were heckled for our teams inactivity, I think the Mets made two better deals than the Yankees did. When is the last time you could say that. Let's get a starter, a reliever and another outfielder. Cameron is going to be great. Could be Giles caliber once he gets a bit better at hitting.

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I think the pick up of Cameron is a good one but he is a B player at best and IMHO his greatest value is in his play in center field, he still strikes out far too much and is prone to slumps. Over all a good pick up.

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Cameron was an All-star...can he be one again? Last years numbers..he hit .253 w/ 18hr's and he 30 years old. No spring chicken but an upgrade for sure.
Magglio O. is a REAL good player with a bright future.

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dont know if it will copy to here, let me try:

Career Stats · More Stats · Situational Stats · Game Log · Team Page SPORTSLINE RANKINGS
Player Ranking Durability Rating
Right Field Overall Right Field Overall
4 26 3 13
Complete Rankings Complete Ratings

Key Stats
606 29 .317 99 95 9

HR 29
AVG .317


OBP .380
SLG .546


Player · MLB Average


No information available at this time (Updated 12/14/03).

Injury Report

No information available at this time.
(Updated 12/14/03)

Player/Fantasy Update

The White Sox have begun shopping Ordonez, with whom they have made no progress in talks about a contract extension, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Magglio's a one-year proposition for us at this point," a Sox source said. Ordonez is eligible for free agency after the 2004 season.
(Updated 11/12/2003).

Player Update

No information available at this time.
(Updated: 12/14/03)

Fantasy Analysis
Ordonez could be traded to Anaheim for Troy Percival or Darin Erstad. Wherever he plays, Ordonez should rebound in 2004 after posting what could be considered a subpar Fantasy campaign this year.
(Updated 11/12/2003).


1997 CHW 21 69 12 22 4 11 2 8 1 2 .338 .580 .319
1998 CHW 145 535 70 151 14 65 28 53 9 7 .326 .415 .282
1999 CHW 157 624 100 188 30 117 47 64 13 6 .349 .510 .301
2000 CHW 153 588 102 185 32 126 60 64 18 4 .371 .546 .315
2001 CHW 160 593 97 181 31 113 70 70 25 7 .382 .533 .305
2002 CHW 153 590 116 189 38 135 53 77 7 5 .381 .597 .320
2003 CHW 160 606 95 192 29 99 57 73 9 5 .380 .546 .317
TOTAL 949 3605 592 1108 178 666 317 409 82 36 .365 .527 .307

well, if you can decipher it , he had 4 consecutive over 100 ribby and over 30 homer plus over .300 batting average, before tailing off a tad last year, with 29, 99 and .317 average!!!

Craig: what do think about picking up Kevin Millwood and , say, Ubueth Urbina??

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The Mets are past having all their eggs in one basket. They would rather have 3 5 million a year players vs. one 15 million. Why they passed on Baptista who has piched well in NY in a big spot is a mystery.

Milldew had his shot here. I wouldn't want him on a NY team.....don't think he'll be worth the money.
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