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If I seem a little harsh lately,,,,,I am....

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Every once in a while the board require a little harder handling than usual, because lately, many things have been getting out of hand....sorry, but I will be doing some heavier handed editing for a while to slow things down......
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Our Tyrant
Parden my ignorance John

Although I drop by often, I post only occaisionally. What sorts of topics are to be discouraged here aside from the obvious bad language ( seven dirty words )? I don't recall a scripted outline when I registered but if it is somewhere I can go look it up. Thanks. BTW Candlewood has been real tough lately.
do your thing john... you do it well :)...

paladin: frank has put the "forum etiquette guidelines" on the top that to read em... it says "forum rules", which i hope frank changes (hint, hint ;), but they aren't hard and strict rules, just guidelines... john is the dictator here :)
so it is more about ....

sharing information first BEFORE asking for information. More like a fraternity than an open forum. I am cool with that. There still seems to be ( very few ) bad blood threads out there though. Maybe I haven't been around long enough to know the history. Thanks for the response.
Hey John, my memory ain't what it used to be. Didn't you take over the board back in the mid 90's? If I remember right, it was the Sluggo vs. Sluggo flame war that precipitated the move.
Am I right?

In anticipation of your heavy handedness, perhaps you can give us a clue as to what type of things are going on - perhaps people will take the hint from your response and you can avoid your blood pressure going up a few notches.

Just a thought.......

Pat X
Pat: it is over and done with now....when I see you next time, I will tell you about what was going on......

Paladin: I quote you:

"sharing information first BEFORE asking for information. More like a fraternity than an open forum. I am cool with that"

that is not necessarily true...obviously, someone cannot share information about a water that he has not been on and is asking about.....

what we don't want to see here is one line posts by new posters.......example:

" what's going on at Swinging Bridge, I will be there Saturday"

Now really....and we have been getting plenty of this point in time I am considering simply deleting them without even an explanation....

how can anyone in their sane mind expect people on an established board to lavish info with an opening salvo like that...

see: I was not born yesterday: we have plenty of fly by nighters who are just looking for info for their tourney that SAT....they have no intention of ever coming back on and saying a damn thing about what was happening on the water...essentially they are TAKERS.....not GIVERS.......

if they had any intention whatsoever of sharing any thing of themselves, they would start out with a lot friendlier post than that...we have had several recently by new posters that were so nice they immediately got many responses......
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Death to the takers! oh....sorry!
Nothing to be sorry about Craig.......
a slow and painfull death to the "takers and the lurkers"
May the "givers" live long and prosper.
What's going on at the Bashakill? I will be there Sat.

LOL, couldn't resist.

"a slow and painfull death to the "takers and the lurkers"
Here,Here LP!! .:beerchug:

That's the problem with many unsuccessful forums - too many lurkers and not enough input to make the site worth visiting. Three fishing sites went belly-up within the last few month and a few more barely have enough posters to make it worth the rent.
Glad to be here, glad to have met many of you in person and glad to have a continuous source of openly shared information about my only obsession in life --- fishing.

FrankM :beerchug:
I'm always ready to open my big mouth in support of this site. I have met MANY wonderful new friends and fishing buddies because of it. My life is now more complete having met Hugefish and had the opportunity to fish with him. Not to mention the likes of John G (our own EVIL TYRANT) Gregg, Mike D, WILD BILL, Woody, Earthworm, Chance, Bullfrog and so many more great people that I cant name them all here. Yeah even you Bass Rat! (stop lurking).
The people who contribute to this site are what makes it work. Those of you out there who are just lurking might want to participate. You might actually meet some nice people.:beerchug:
May the givers live long and prosper. (Yeah even you Bass Rat) LOL
I'm not worthy

I'm not worthy of your kind words. LOL
Jerry I disagree: I think you fit right in with the kind of people that this board seems to you saw in the Whaley get together, there are many aces that inhabit this board......
The "Right Reverend Tyrant" has spoken!
As the moderator of the Board I won't argue with you.LOL

Hey if you are heading to wampus any time soon let me know.

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