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Hunting with dogs ?

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Does anyone here hunt with dogs ? I have a few beagles and a German short hair pointer. I like to run rabbits and flush woodcock and grouse. puddlejumper.
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I used to have a Welsh Springer that was just phenomenal. He was well on his way to becoming a champion. For whatever reason he bit my wife and came at her again so I had to put him down.
I now have a retreiver that was also looking promising, but since I've opened the store I haven't been able to run him and he's become a house dog.
I'm gonna take him out after pheasants this week but he's never been trained to quarter so he'll probably just run out of control and flush every bird for miles.
I'll give him a few days to burn off some steam and then try to get him under control.

Beagles are fun dogs and I'd love to hunt rabbits if you've got an area. GSP's are also one of my dream dogs but they range far and I'm kinda slow. Thats why I opted for the flushing breeds, a little easier to keep them within gun range.

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