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hudson open 11/2

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Arrived at catskill ramp at 530am and oh what a line 75 teams ready to rumble. Orange county bassmasters had a great set up rally point and wieghin held in mouth of creek and that made the ramp less congested. Anyway me and my partner manny where set with a run the tide game plan and we would start about 20 min south of roundout creek. Well not prefishing killed us since the river was complete mud. We made the run south and stopped at the port ewing wrecks after riding for about 30 min. well the muddy water was real bad and I had won a tourney cranking this spot last week and with one boat at the wrecks I was hoping for a fish or 2 but nothing hit except a 10 pound stripper. Then we ran south to our smallie spot and the same muddy situation was there and no bites and at that point we where in trouble. So time to run and find clearer water from past expierences I found that if the main river was muddy then roundout creek would be muddy so off to the esupous creek we go. We arrive with about 2 hours to fish and yes the water is alot clearer. So we work the walls on the way in flipping and pitching away with tubes and we get notta bite . So I motor deeper into the creek and there is a crowd so I get my finesse dropshot rod out and get a bass right away 1 down and 7 to go with a hour left then I bag a short and Manny gets a short on a grub then I get another dropshot fish 2 down and 6 to go with 45 min to go and 20 min ride back to the wieghin well that means one thing jignpigs and a prayer for lunker well Manny sets the hook and I say our prayers are answered but I was wrong it was only a 3lber we had another fish hit on the jig but missed her . Then We took off knowing that this was the last ride as a team this year we gave each other high fives and let her rip to the wieghin. last I heard 20lbs won and 16 was 2nd place caught in the creeks. I have one more shot at the river this sat with Joe Mahood . In the past 3 years we have 2 first place finishes and a 2nd place finish on this tourney on nov 8 so we will see what happens. 5bass
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Here is a pic of Mike and Joe's 23lbs.
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