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New member saying hi everybody 👋

I typically fish Onondaga Lake and the Seneca River. My boat is on the smaller side so Onondaga has been easier for me to get out on.

I grew up fishing for panfish(bluegill, crappie, whatever else that wanted to bite my lure) so my go-to is the finesse-y stuff(drop shots, Ned rigs, smaller tubes). This is my first year using a baitcaster on a regular basis. I'm doing well, haven't had to cut a backlash out yet 👍

I'd like to fish for smallies on Oneida but every time I've attempted to go out the wind has been against me. I need to try fishing the Brewerton area; every attempt I've made has been from the South Shore launch with the wind blowing. Needless to say I've never really strayed far from Dutchman Island.
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