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these computers are an amazing thing.......they sell them to you, but how the hell are you really supposed to learn how to use them??

what should have been a very simple task became harrowing for me....

all I wanted to do was transfer some files from a CD to a folder in My Documents....

the problem was that when the files were listed on the screen, you had to hit edit and hit "Select all" to highlight them all before you were even given any options for copying them anywhere....until you realized that, you were caught in an endless conundrum of nowheresville....I created the new folder immediately, but there were no prompts at all instructing me how to add stuff to the folder, except for telling me it was an empty folder....when I created the new folder and hit File or Edit, why wasn't there a prompt asking if you wanted to add data to your new folder?

before I stumbled onto that, I was using the useless HELP function, which couldnt even begin to get me where I need info on this...

I was one step away from calling my crutch, Gregg, before I figured it out...

but again, how the [email protected]#$ was I supposed to know, or anyone supposed to know such a thing....

who teaches this crap?? the guys on here who are "good" on these computers, did you take courses?? did you read How to books on computing.....

maybe my answer is to buy, say, a nice Color edition of How To Do Windows XP, and then study it like a school child....

but really, there are dozens of functions yet on these computers that I have no idea exist or how to do them......

they don't provide manuals for everything either, they always say easy instructions online, Yeah right!!!

why couldn't the XP dialog box simply have a prompt on it asking if you wanted to copy those files to something?


what is scary, is that I know 10 times what I used to about computers and I still only know 10 percent of what I need to know! LOL.....

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Mike: my oldest son has been pushing me to go Mac for years.....maybe next computer....he uses it for many applications, although now at his business, he has an AVID running with it....

Windows for Dummies, eh? you calling me a Dummy Nicky? in Mt Vernon, Dem's fighting words, consarn it! LOL.....

okay, I am a dummy....I'll look around...

back to school....

like Rodney.......

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Tell me you never heard of COPY & PASTE :rolleyes:

Really in windows there is ALWAYS more then one way to do anything, What you did right was to keep at it till you got it, that's one of the best ways to learn. That hard learned lesson will not soon be forgot. And you know your always welcome to call.

DOS for dummies was the original "for dummies" book.
One of the best laughs I ever had was walking into a bookstore and seeing a book named "windows made easy"...................the book was 900 pages :rolleyes:

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I was at a bookstore today, and viewed about 10 books on Windows XP and not ONE of them had anything about how to add files to a new folder, I kid you not!!!!

Windows for dummies is the worst would have to be a dummy to buy any of those books, they are the most confusing ones of them all......

Scul, not sure if I follow what you said..... I will do a sitdown with Gregg in the offseason and iron out a few more of these things....

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XP...there in lies the problem. Terrible operating system, full of gliches and mis-matches. Dump and install 98....much easier to work with. If you dont have a copy, I have a couple.

John...Like Greg said there are quite a few ways to arrive at your destination. Best way to learn...point & click.


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Scully has it

Point and click and dig - you can only learn by doing. Most people simply freeze up and forget to point and click. Remember, you have to tell the computer. It is not going to tell you.

Those prompts across the top are menus - when you have a question go to the menus and the answer will be there. However, and don't take this the wrong way, you have to read what you are looking at. Everyone starts out by opening a menu, seeing the first prompt and moving on, never reading the rest of the menu.

Does this sound familiar? Kind of like fishing isn't it? If someone up there can't answer a question, (which is highly unlikely), acstech stands for Advanced Computer Solutions Technicians.

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no matter what you do, it boils down to a metal disk that stores 1 & 0s thats it. knowing how the computer stores, catalogs, and retreives the info is the key. simple process when one knows the basics of the operating system. windows is an easy to follow system... the problem lies in its stability, or lack of.

windows 98 over windows XP anyday!!!

mac is a great thing, but still has some compatability issues. i know mike is gonna scream. but... too many people are still reliant on windows based stuff. i try to work with our mac based guys out there.

i was lucky to have gotten in on the ground floor... machine language, basic, fortran, etc... my dad got me into computers in the beginning. i was working mainframe computer systems, and business machines prior to the windows revoloution. x86 machines.. 286, 386, 486 pentiums etc. the honeywell and ibm machines i worked on used card readers and huge!! cylinder disks.. the disks had platters and the drive was as big as a washing machine. that disk held less than a home computer. the first mainframe i worked on was the size of my current apartment!!

john g - sit down with someone who is knowledgable and pick their brain. learn the tricks and shortcuts from a human, not a book. i read about operating system tasks and tricks, and it keeps me up on the changes. most hacker based sites will tell you the shortcomings and exploited areas of your system.

run a firewall system, and keep the security updates current. run a decent virus detection. clean up the machine once in a while. frequent redundant backups are a great help too.

you will find computers are very simple in design, and use... the lack of desire to learn how to use and care for them properly has made life complicated for many.

--- robbie

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Don't dump XP yet

Some of new newest computers use version specific chipset right on the motherboard for sound and video designed for XP and is not backward compatable even with Win 2000.

I needed to use Win 2000 to access the network at work and it took me several days to find and install all the software drivers for my HP 752 in order to have useable video and sound. My modem still does not work.

Just be careful before you roll back any PC model less that 2 years old. It like casting a $15 lure into a tree. You will not be happy.

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I will not give up on XP, I like it....I am the problem.... I have met the enemy and it is ME! LOL......

I am a good learner though, I have come a long way with these babies.......

I will tell you what was another hard learner: my musical keyboards! they come with these super thick manuals, and they get so complicated nowadays, what with MIDI and all....little by little I mastered enough to do what I need to do.....

I am a manual oriented person.....I can usually get a lot out of reading manuals first.....

but Robbie you are right, learning from a human is always the best....

HEY! isn't it the same with fishing?
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