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Honeoye Pre-Fish 10-31-03

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I have not been on Honeoye in the last month or so, and with the nightfall comming at about 3:00 pm, there were not any chances for prefish after work.

The logical choice was to prefish before work. Charlie and I met at the ramp this morning at about was already light, we could have been on the water at 6:00....anyway, at about 6:17 we blasted down the lake to see what we could find. The wind was rather strong out of the south, with a nice temp of 58 degrees and a water temp of 49.

We started on the NE side, attempting to find some sort of reaction bite. I managed to get 1 squeaker on a spook in 7' of water, but after a few minutes it was obvious that topwater was not the hot ticket.

We then started to work our way south. We moved down near the airplane hanger, and did not even get a sniff. We threw topwater, spinnerbaits, cranks and tubes at them. Zero.

We ended our brief prefish on the east side dragging for smallies. Nothing.

Wow, so what now? Still fish this thing? Head to Erie and have a blast sticking fish, but no Tx? Arrrrgh! Why is there no Erie tx tomorrow???!!!

Seth V
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Seth, Meg's info might be good, BUT THERE AREN"T THAT MANY DOCKS LEFT IN THE LAKE!!! :D

I am ready to haul in some Honeoye "hawg" 2 pounders!!! :rolleyes:

The weather ain't helping us any, this isn't smallie weather anymore...
Meg, the weigh-in I believe is 3:00 at Trident Marina.

[email protected] and I kept our fishing together plans for tomorrow, and will be at Honeoye.
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