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Hey guys I'm new to the forum, but not fishing. My names Leo Dyer, I'm 16, and I live in South buffalo. I fish alone a little more then half the time, but the other half is with my cousin Andrew, my brother in law Joe, or with my fishing and hunting hero: my uncle Leo and sometimes with friends. I've loved ice fishing, but I've only done it for a week, but mainly because I don't own a auger or any ice fishing poles I can't do it when I want. I fish lake Erie, South park (Botanical Gardens), Cazanovia park/creek, the buffalo canal, and other waters in or around buffalo.
I've started fishing when I was 6, stopped at 8, started back up again at 11. I fish, hunt, and tackle craft/make lures when the mood strikes. I love to fish when it rains, I love it when the waters not to clear or not to muddy/murky. I hate litter-anglers/ (my definition for anglers who litter trash, plastic bags, bundles of fishing line (line that be feasibly thrown out), and etc :furious:)
I also Parkour & Freerun in fall, spring, and summer. Although my grandmother doesn't like me doing it, but oh well. I'm anxious for the waters to unfreeze, and spring, summer, and fall to come. Anyways this pretty much sums it up, hope to learn something from you guys, and stuff.
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